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Tracy's Story

Tracy's Story | 100 Thousand Meals With The Salvation Army

"Over the last couple of months it’s just been the worst"

"I have three kids and I'm on my own. The kids have medical issues as well as behaviour and learning difficulties and it just becomes overwhelming.

Often I don't know how I’m going to cope and pay for this and that.  I can’t afford uniforms, can’t afford anything basic realistically. I go pay by pay.  It’s just one thing after another after another. I’m like what else is going to happen?

I've got nothing for Christmas this year so we’ll definitely come here on Christmas Day.

Usually I’d have a frozen chicken in the freezer or something like that for Christmas, but this year I’ve got nothing. Yesterday I sat down to work out my budget until Christmas and it isn’t looking good. I'll have to sacrifice petrol or food just to get through.

Any help is just amazing so knowing I can come here has put a big smile on my face.

I’m so relieved. I knew there was a lunch on last year but I didn’t know how to take it – I was a bit uncertain. But they’ve explained how it works this year so that’s good. It’s like a lifesaver. At least the kids will be happy for Christmas and I can be happy that they’re happy. I think I’ll come to the carols service too.

A lot of people don’t go for help, or wait until it’s really bad – and I’ve waited until it’s really bad. Now though I've reached out and I'm so glad I did".

- Tracy, community member

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