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Sam's Story

Sam's Story | 100 Thousand Meals | The Salvation Army

"I remember the first year I did it. It was a sea of people and the whole place was chockers"

Sam is one of our amazing Salvo community meal kitchen coordinators and has helped put on many Christmas lunches in her time!

"I remember the first year I did it. I looked out and was so excited. It was a sea of people and the whole place was chockers," says Sam.

"Christmas lunch is busy and hard but it's great doing it. I love it, it's such a good feeling and everyone enjoys it.

When I was here they put a sheet capping it at 100, knowing that we'll serve for 130. You can't turn walk-ins away, it's totally not what The Salvation Army does!

A lot of people have been coming to this lunch for years, so they all know each other, so Christmas lunch is just such a special celebration. I don't know what they're planning this year, we haven't had that conversation yet.

We'll do something special. We generally do roasts, we get so many generous donations from people and companies. We do three or four roasts, chicken, pork, whatever we've got.

One year we made gingerbread houses, just for something special, but it ook hours!" - Sam, Kitchen Meal Coordinator at The Salvation Army.

This Christmas, the Salvos will serve 100,000 meals to those with nowhere else to go. But our workers like Sam can't do it without your help.

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