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Lisa's Story

Lisa's Story | 100 Thousand Meals with The Salvation Army

"I’ve had about six Christmas meals here"

"I came to the Salvos a good 10 or 11 years ago. I was on the streets and involved in drugs and the Salvos helped me get my life back on track again. They helped me be where I am today.

The Salvos supported me all through getting clean. They’d encourage me saying “we’re with you all the way”, “believe in yourself”, “be positive that you can do it”.  And now I’m positive every day.

I spent one Christmas on the streets. I stayed at a hotel and it was terrible. I was so sad but I had nowhere else to go.

Christmas is harder than other times of the year because Christmas is all about family.  It’s really hard for people who are lonely and isolated. You need to celebrate with family at Christmas but some people just can’t do that. So to be able to come here and have a Christmas means the world to people like me. 

There’s such a good atmosphere at Christmas. Everyone sits around at circle tables so it's easier to talk to each other. The Christmas meals are so good and we get food parcels and presents to take away with us.  There’s Christmas carols and everyone wears a Christmas hat from the crackers.

There’s a real Christmas spirit and it’s wonderful because people who can’t have a Christmas can come here and celebrate with their friends".

- Lisa, community member

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