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Leah's Story

Leah's Story | 100 Thousand Meals | The Salvation Army

"When I say 'Thank God for the Salvos', I really mean it"

Leah is a single mum with three children and does the best she can but sometimes she may only have $2 left at the end of each week.

But she and her children draw strength from the help they receive from The Salvation Army family. Even something as simple as a cuppa and a chat can make a huge difference.

"We've been going to The Salvation Army Christmas luncheon for the past four years. It's wonderful. The kids have so much fun. Christmas is a day you want to make special for your kids. I could never afford to take them out for a meal like this. When I say, "Thank God for the Salvos', I really mean it."

The Salvation Army holds Christmas events at our social programs across the country leading up to, and including, Christmas Day. These events not only provide meals and a festive experience for people doing it tough but most importantly, they provide the opportunity for people to connect with others.

Help a family like Leah's this Christmas by donating a meal.