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Kevin's Story

Kevin's Story | 100 Thousand Meals with The Salvation Army

"I spent Christmas Day eating tinned spaghetti and riding the train network"

Before he found the Salvos, there were two days Kevin dreaded each year: his birthday and Christmas Day. "I spent Christmas Day eating tinned spaghetti and riding the train network because it's free on public holidays," says Kevin.

At a time when Kevin was really struggling, a friend recommended he visit his local Salvos for a community lunch. He hasn't missed a week since and is one of our most regular attendees at The Salvation Army Werribee community lunch which is held three times a week.

"I come here for a couple of reasons. I don't cook myself, I'm on my own. The other thing is company. I've got friends here. I look forward to coming," he says.

Since coming to the Salvos, Kevin's Christmas experience has changed completely. He's attended The Salvation Army's Christmas lunch for three years now.

"Christmas Day has been great lately. The whole room is filled... it's a fantastic meal and you've got all your friends here."

What does sharing in a Christmas meal mean to Kevin?

"It means everything that I can sit down and have a meal with others. It means people care about people in my situation. People who donate are making people's day that day but also beyond that."

Help someone like Kevin this Christmas by donating a meal.